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Traditional Bosnian cuisine was strongly influenced by the culinary tradition of the Ottoman cuisine. In time, this influence has been transformed to give Bosnian cuisine a unique quality known for its blend of eastern and western cultures. Such refined gastronomic culture, accompanied by sevdalinka, the urban lyric song, features most prominently in Bosnian cultural identity. The culinary arts treasuring tradition are an important symbol of the collective identity and a perfect medium for cultural exchange. Bosnian Cuisine is a tale of cultural endurance striving to permeate our present with the flavour of the times past while unfolding a vision for the future.

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Naslov izvornika: Bosanska kuhinja

Jezik izvornika: bosanski

Prijevod: Nejla Kalajdžisalihović

Forma: prozni zapisi

Izdanje: 2016.

Uvez: mehki

Broj strana: 160

Dimenzije (cm): 12 x 17

Težina (g): 160

Armije RBiH 2, 72000 Zenica Bosna i Hercegovina +387 32 462 642