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THE PENITENTIARY Jalimam, Marić, Spahić

29.00 KM

The City of Zenica and the Penitentiary, located almost in its very centre, never got along well. The town always dealt with the prison like with a bad neighbour by whom it is embarrassed but also a little frightened. Therefore, it has been trying to get rid of the prison for many years. It turned to emperors and presidents of the different states it was a part of, but all attempts were in vain. The Penitentiary survived for 120 years, it was and still is a symbol by which Zenica was recognized in former Yugoslavia and largely in Europe.


Selvedin Avdić


Jezik: bosanski i engleski

Forma: dokumentarna literatura

Izdanje: 2011.

Uvez: mehki

Broj strana: 258

Dimenzije (cm): 15 x 21

Težina (g): 400

Armije RBiH 2, 72000 Zenica Bosna i Hercegovina +387 32 462 642