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The book “The Game of His Life“ is the first authorized biography of Svabo, also called the “Strauss from Grbavica“, Sensei, the last Yugoslav president, footballer, coach, selector, football sage Ivica Osim. In “The Game of His Life“ we witness the greatest triumphs and defeats of Ivica Osim-whether  on the football field or in life, in Ivica Osim's case it is all the same. Marko Tomas confidently leads us on travels from Grbavica, through Japan, Austria and back to Sarajevo, just to prove Bill Shankly right: “Many people say that football is mather of life and death. I don't agree with them. Football is much more than that.“

“The Game of His Life“ is truly valuable book about a living symbol of an era which has disappeared forever. The author, Marko Tomas, is a poet but also a great lover of football, which is very important for such a book as this. Because poets, like scorers of goals, can work miracles in a small space. One of those miracles is undoubtedly the fact that this book about footballers can be enjoyed also by those who are not the slightest bit interested in football.

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Jezik: engleski

Forma: dokumentarna literatura

Izdanje: 2014.

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