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STEĆAK Gorčin Dizdar

19.00 KM

For perhaps the last time in Europe, this time in a Christian environment, a practically unknown and little-studied type of culture of death appears, the stećci scattered around the medieval cemeteries of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Why were they created, these strange sites of mortuary cult, these late monumental necropolises? And why here, in this area and at this time? Powerful emotional forces must have been at wok, for this primeval sculpture, so reminiscent of the early ages of humanity, to come to life and awaken.


Naslov izvornika: Stećak

Jezik izvornika: bosanski

Prijevod: Gorčin Dizdar

Forma: prozni zapisi

Izdanje: 2018.

Uvez: mehki

Broj strana: 144

Dimenzije (cm): 12 x 17

Težina (g): 160

Armije RBiH 2, 72000 Zenica Bosna i Hercegovina +387 32 462 642