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THE SIEGE OF SARAJEVO 1992–1996 Telibećirović, Čolaković

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The siege of Sarajevo lasted for 1425 days. During this period 13.952 persons were killed. And as horrible as these numbers are, perhaps even incomprehensible today, they cannot convey the whole extent of the siege. The reading in your hands doesn't intend to be an in-depth study about one of the biggest tragedies in the modern history of Europe. It merely provides simple answers to the most common questions of Sarajevo's visitors about the siege.

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Naslov izvornika: Opsada Sarajeva 1992–1996

Jezik izvornika: bosanski

Prijevod: Nina Begović

Forma: prozni zapisi

Izdanje: 2014.

Uvez: mehki

Broj strana: 128

Dimenzije (cm): 12 x 17

Težina (g): 140

Armije RBiH 2, 72000 Zenica Bosna i Hercegovina +387 32 462 642